Museum of Digital Art

Cultural, Museum

The Museum of Digital Art is a new cultural building for Brisbane that will bring the future of art to South-East Queensland. The precinct is comprised of three pavilions – the museum, a digital theatre and an outdoor exhibition space. The new theatre  space will become a permanent home for a variety of events such as international film festivals and film awards. The museum space will host a changing exhibition of interactive and digital art, and can be facilitated by teamLab – an international art collective specialising in digital art – which is yet to have a permanent space in Oceania.

The form of the building celebrates what is unique to Queensland – the ability to live life outside all year round. The two main pavilions are raised above the ground and connected by a roof with large overhangs, creating a generous undercroft public space that is shaded and protected from rain. Between the two pavilions, there is a space for large-scale temporary exhibitions, which creates a gathering space under growing art. The buildings are created from a double-skin facade – a translucent inner that allows the building to glow and a faceted glass facade creates a kaleidoscopic reflection of the surroundings.

The Mirror Cube is a unique exhibit collects fragments of its surroundings and reflects them to the viewer. The surroundings historical buildings – the Mansions, QLD Parliament, QLD club are reflected to a single focal point, creating a kaleidoscope of building fragments, and blocking out the view of hostile neighbours. 

  • Location

    Crn. George Street and Alice Street, Brisbane City

  • Date

    2022 - M Y1 S2

  • Group Member

    Kara Logan

  • Media Used

    ArchiCAD 24 | Twinmotion | Adobe Photoshop CC | Adobe InDesign CC | Adobe Illustrator CC | Physical Model