About Me
Currently Studying a Masters of Architecture at Queensland University of Technology

I am an Architecture Student at QUT,  in the first year of my masters studies. Through my studies so far, I have completed a plethora of collaborative projects, working with peers from different disciplines, as well as a collection of individual works,  spread across residential, commercial and public typologies. I am passionate about sustainable design and creating spaces tailored for personal experience. I pride myself in my careful attention to detail, both, in my work ethic and design approach. I strive to create thought-out designs with thorough consideration for use of space, centering it around people’s use of the space. I am dedicated, hardworking, organised, reliable and always eager to learn. I enjoy working in teams, and always welcome collaboration as part of my work flow.  


Master of Architecture at Queensland University of Technology 

[2022  2023 predicted]


Bachelor of Design [Architecture] at Queensland University of Technology

[2019 – 2021]


Student Architect at Tim Benetton Architects [February 2021 – present]
Work Experience at ARGO Architects [June 2018]
Vice President of QUT Architecture Society
[August 2020 – September 2021]

Autodesk Revit
Adobe Creative Suite
Physical Model Making
Hand Rendering