Petrie Terrace Residential Construction

Residential Construction Documentation

For this project is an adaptation of the Inala Share House design to a different site located in Petrie Terrace. This project focuses on technical documentation and designing unique construction detailing. Unlike Inala, this site has a large slope and road frontage on 3 sides of the block. For this project, appropriate construction codes had to be considered. The adapted house had to include two different construction systems – I chose to have the bottom two levels completed in single skin block construction and the top level as well as the roof to be timber stud framed.

The adapted design has a large accessible living, kitchen and dining area as well as an outdoor terrace, on the middle level. This level has disability access from the street, and an accessible half-bathroom, as per the requirements of the assessment. The upper floor houses two large bedrooms, main bathroom and an open study space that looks over the lower level. The open garage is access through a set of stairs from the back of the middle level.

  • Location

    Mountjoy Street, Petrie Terrace, Brisbane, Australia

  • Date

    2020 - Y2 S2

  • Media Used

    Autodesk Revit 2020 | Adobe Photoshop CC | Adobe InDesign CC | Autodesk Sketchbook

  • Legislation and Codes

    AS 1100.301-2008 Technical drawing - Architectural drawing
    AS1428 Design for Access and Mobility
    AS1684 Residential Timber Framed Construction for Non-cyclonic Areas
    NCC 2019 vol 2 Part 3
    BCC Dwelling House (Small Lot) Code
    QDC MP1.1 Design and Siting for lots 450m2 and under