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This goal of this project was to create a bamboo pavilion structure for the 2021 Brisbane Botanica Festival. The design was to be influenced by thorough analysis of environmental principles – namely sun paths and wind. The festival is to take place in late May, with events running after 3pm, thus issues with glare from the setting sun had to be addressed. In depth analysis of the proposed structure was conducted using Climate Studio for Rhino and Autodesk Flowdesign.

The pavilion has a simple design, and is hidden between the trees, waiting for people to find it. The entry point, located on the south-west, swells from the ground, engulfing those who enter. The north-western wall, expresses a unique use of bamboo – it is cut perpendicularly to reveal its hollow inside and threated together. The wall created, is operable, and the bamboo can be angled to control sunlight and ventilation within the space.

To analyse the proposed structure in regards to sun and wind, two main software programs were used – Solemma Climate Studio for Rhino and Autodesk Flowdesign. These were used to analyse occupant’s comfort inside the pavilion structure at the time events are to be conducted. The average lux levels were analysed for the daylighting simulations, showing that there was ample natural light in the pavilion. Furthermore a glare analysis was conducted, confirming that the orientation of the pavilion was suitable, and that the operable bamboo wall is effective in blocking out the low afternoon sun. The ventilation simulations showed that there are some strong typical winds coming from the south side of the pavilion, thus the pavilion design was adjusted to incorporate a fabric lining to block the wind at the occupiable height. While for the eastern winds, the impermeable storage area acted to block the winds, and divert them around the outside of the pavilion.

  • Location

    Brisbane City Botanical Gardens, Australia

  • Date

    2020 - Y2 S1

  • Media Used

    Autodesk Revit 2020 | Rhino 6 | Solemma Climate Studio | Autodesk Flowdesign | Climate Consultant | Adobe Photoshop CC | Adobe InDesign CC | Autodesk Sketchbook

Bamboo Pavilion



Wall Section Detail

Site Plan

Wind Rose